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Unions repeal 'right-to-work' state decision

While there are 27 states in the country that are ‘right-to-work’ states, Missouri is not one of them. At least not yet. Lawmakers attempted to make Missouri the 28 state to follow this method of employment by writing and approving a ‘right-to-work’ law; however, the law was repealed by labor unions who are opposed to the idea of interfering with their right to enforce contracts with employees.

What could you do if you were denied overtime?

You and all other Missouri residents enjoy some excellent labor protections, at least on paper. These safeguards are intended to keep employers from running roughshod over you and the rest of their workforce in several key job factors: overtime and minimum wage, for example.

Staying safe on the job: tips for teens

When your kids are chomping at the bit to get some spending money in their pockets and have finally reached the age where they can look for a job, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind. In Missouri, like in other states, some positions - extremely hazardous roles, those that include operation of motor vehicles, jobs in industries that produce metal, work at saw mills and others - are off limits for youth under the age of 16. 

What is prevailing wage?

If you work in the construction industry, you may have heard the term prevailing wage. This is a specific type of wage that differs from the standard minimum wage or other wage categories. It is only for specific types of work within the construction industry. According to the Missouri Department of Labor, a prevailing wage is the lowest wage you can be paid for working on public works projects. This includes the construction of government buildings, bridges and roads.

What are the guidelines for 15-year-old workers?

If you have a child who is entering his or her teen years, you may be wondering about employment laws. As soon as kids start to near the age of 16 when they can get their driver's license, it seems they start to yearn for a way to earn some money. However, Missouri has some very strict rules about the employment of those under the age of 16.

The facts on denied breaks in the workplace

With the everyday need for breaks from our work routine to eat a meal or use the bathroom, we might think Missouri employees are guaranteed by law the right to have meal and bathroom breaks in the workplace. However, the truth is Missouri employers do have leeway in curbing workplace breaks, but the extent to which is somewhat complicated.

What is the difference between an employee and IC?

If you hire workers for your business in Missouri, you may be tempted to call them independent contractors. Doing so means you do not have to pay employment taxes on them, so it can save you a bit of money. However, you have to be very careful about classifying a worker as an IC over an employee. There are strict rules that define each type of worker.

What are some common questions about minimum wage?

As a worker in Missouri, you have the right to be paid a minimum wage by most employers under the law. However, there are exceptions and variations to the minimum wage laws based on your employer and the type of work you do. It can be confusing. It may help to learn a little more about the law through looking at common questions.

Is the fight for $15 in trouble?

You may have heard of the Fight for $15 in Missouri. This nationwide movement is trying to change minimum wage in the country to $15 an hour. There has always been concern from those opposing the movement that it would raise the cost of living and put smaller businesses in bad financial situations. According to Forbes, these concerns are becoming a reality in some places and making the future of Fight for $15 uncertain.

Know your wage and hour rights

If you are employed in Missouri, you and your co-workers may have questions about Missouri’s various wage and hour laws. At Hollingshead & Dudley, we believe that you deserve fair treatment and a hospitable environment in which to do your job.

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