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When does sexual innuendo become harassment?

You are probably aware that prosecutors working for the State of Missouri often pursue cases involving sexual or non-sexual harassment and assault. However, cases within the workplace often have a different procedure. This is because there are laws governing professional life that do not apply to day-to-day living outside of work. Examples of these laws and regulations include equal opportunity, workers' compensation laws and OSHA guidelines. 

Barriers to reporting sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal, not just in Missouri, but across the United States. Even so, Journalist's Resource reports that about 40 percent of women reported to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that on the job, they suffer from behaviors with a sexual component, including threats and bribes. With federal laws and oversight and even programs within the companies themselves in place to prevent these activities, why are women so reluctant to come forward?

What is quid pro quo harassment?

There are a couple types of sexual harassment that can occur in a Missouri workplace. You should become educated on both types, but the one particularly important to those in an authoritative position is quid pro quo harassment. The National Law Review explains that quid pro quo means someone expects you to do something for them in order for them to do something for you.

The use of sexual innuendos in the workplace

Many employers in Missouri and across the country have zero-tolerance sexual harassment policies in place. However, those rules are not always enough to get workers to abide by them. Some individuals resort to using sexual innuendos to liven up the atmosphere at work, not realizing that their actions are unlawful. 

The difference between sexual and gender discrimination

Sexual harassment and discrimination issues in Missouri workplaces must be managed carefully. It is up to everyone to ensure these situations do not occur. However, in the changing social environment, there are even more cases of discrimination that everyone must watch out for and some are very similar in nature.

How to know when flirtatious workplace behavior crosses the line?

Many employers in Missouri have policies in place to prevent workplace behavior. It is still an activity that commonly happens on the job every day. It is not unusual for workers to find themselves on the receiving end of compliments and other friendly, flirtatious behavior. While some individuals do not mind receiving and exchanging this type of treatment from their co-workers, there are some who question if it is acceptable. 

Can a compliment be sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is a complex subject. What one person may see as harassment, another may not. However, what really matters is that everyone is comfortable with a situation. If even one person feels uncomfortable or upset, then it could be seen as harassment, which is illegal in every Missouri workplace.

What are some facts about sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is something employers in Missouri try to avoid dealing with. There are plenty of resources to help employers teach employees about this issue and help them to avoid it. However, despite the vigilance of employers to educate, many people are still confused or unsure of what it is exactly. If you are not clear on what constitutes harassment of a sexual nature, then it may help to learn some facts.

What is subtle sexual harassment?

The face of sexual harassment has changed due to many laws being in place to discourage such actions in Missouri workplaces. You likely are not going to be fired if you don't kiss the boss, be subjected to co-workers touching you inappropriately or get ogled while at work. Such blatant harassment is something people are aware is not okay and will be dealt with. However, taking its place is a new form of subtle harassment, which can be more difficult to deal with.

What should you do if you are sexually harassed at work?

It's a scenario no one wants to imagine, let alone have to deal with in their lifetime, but sexual harassment in the workplace is a very real issue that many employees across Missouri face. If you have been sexually harassed at work, you may be wondering what you can do next.

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