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The difference between contractors and employees

Some Missouri businesses have a win-win relationship with their independent contractors. Others seek to exert the same control over a freelancer as they would a standard employee, essentially locking the individual into exclusive employment for all economic and practical purposes. Unfortunately, the difference is hard to spot, as many companies tout the supposed independence their employees face.

Understanding your rights step by step

It is one thing to have an unpleasant workplace. It is another thing entirely to have your rights violated. At the Missouri offices of Hollingshead & Dudley Trial Lawyers, we know that the people who have come in through our door have experienced enough injustice to motivate them to make the tough decision of seeking legal counsel. This is why we attempt to offer not only an expert legal analysis but also a compassionate treatment of the situation.

What is the law regarding breaks and personal time off?

A long day at work can be made even longer when your employer doesn't allow you to take any breaks. You may wonder if this is legal. After all, aren't employers required to give you at least a lunch break? The answer, according to the Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations, is no, the state does not have any laws saying employers must give employees breaks of any kind. 

Can an independent contractor be fired?

Since independent contractors are not the same as employees, some Missouri contractors may wonder if the employer they work for possesses the power to fire them as they could an employee in an at-will scenario. Can an employer simply terminate an independent contractor on a whim? The truth is a little more complicated, as independent contractors do enjoy some level of protection from wrongful termination.

Defining the employment-at-will doctrine

If you have never heard of the employment-at-will doctrine, you are not alone. Many people in Missouri may not be aware that their employment may depend upon this practice. According to the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, the state of Missouri follows this doctrine. This does not mean, however, that an employer has infinite grounds to terminate an employee.

Does my state have parental leave laws?

As a worker in Missouri, you may wonder about your rights for time off work. This is especially true if your wife is about to have a baby or you are adopting a new child into your family. While maternity leave is quite common in companies, paternity leave is not something that is as widespread. Some states have adopted paternity leave laws, but Missouri is not one of them.

What is a hostile work environment?

Work is an unavoidable reality for many people in the Missouri area. They work to support themselves, their families and lifestyles. While many individuals have the education and credentials to work in careers of their choosing, other do not and are often left to choose work in places that may not be the best of environments for them. 

What are some common ways employers violate employee rights?

Many workers in Missouri assume their employers have their best interests in mind. They believe the policies and rules that are in place for their work environments are designed to protect them from abuse and mistreatment. Here at the law office of Hollingshead & Dudley, we know how common it is for employers to violate federal laws and engage in practices that violate their workers’ rights. Employees should learn about the rights and protections the federal law provides them so they can keep their jobs from infringing upon them. 

Huge award for wrongful termination claim against school district

Many people in Missouri are aware that their employers can fire them for any reason, as long as it does not violate their rights. However, what they might not know is what constitutes a violation of their rights and end up losing their jobs unlawfully. Employers must not engage in predatory practices and behaviors to encourage employees to work in toxic work environments, nor to quit their jobs. When they do, former workers can seek compensation. 

What are the limitation of age discrimination laws?

Discrimination in the workplace is something that despite all the laws and hardwork of legislatures still is prevalant. One area that often does not get the attention it deserves is age discrimination. If you are over the age of 40, then it is important to vigilant about how Missouri employers are treating you when it comes to your age. Making sure that you do not become a victim of discrimination simply because of how old you are can be tough, though, due to limitations on discrimination laws.

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