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Study highlights disparities for women in STEM careers

Workplace discrimination is alive and well in Missouri and across the country. Women who work in certain careers are more likely to experience inequalities in pay and receive discriminatory behaviors from their coworkers. According to a Pew Research Center study, at least 50 percent of women who work in STEM jobs have experienced gender-related discrimination, 36 percent of females have also been exposed to sexual harassment. 

Why is proving employment discrimination difficult?

There are many different types of discrimination that you could be exposed to in a working environment in Missouri. While discrimination is prohibited by law, it still happens all the time. This is not because people are unaware that it is illegal or that people are not reporting it. One of the biggest problems with discrimination is that it is difficult to prove, so people often get away with doing it.

Signs you might be at risk of workplace discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace is a very serious matter. If you fall into a protected class that, you deserve to receive equal treatment and accommodation in the workplace. For example, if your age, gender or race qualifies you as a protected class, then you expect your work environment to be safe and free from discriminatory behavior.

What constitutes age discrimination?

You may experience many different types of discrimination in a Missouri workplace. Sometimes, you may not even be aware that you were discriminated against. If you are treated unfairly due to a specific characteristic you possess, then that is discrimination. One such protected area is age, but age discrimination is not always clear. Not all age ranges are protected under federal law, which can is only part of why it can be a little confusing. It helps to become familiar with the law and the specifics of what constitutes age discrimination, so you can be aware of your own rights.

What types of evidence is used to prove discrimination?

While you probably are well aware that you are protected against discrimination based on your gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability in Missouri, you may not be clear on how you can prove such discrimination occurred. According to the Department of Justice, there are three main types of evidence that is used to prove discrimination claims.

Are political views protected by discrimination laws?

There are many types of discrimination you are protected against when it comes to employment. You cannot be fired for being a certain gender or race. Your employer cannot take adverse actions against you specifically because you are a member of a certain relgiion or because of your sexual orientation. However, not everything you do is protected. Your political affliation, for the most part, is not a protected class under state or federal employment laws in Missouri. 

Do discrimination laws protect transgender employees?

If you are a Missouri resident and someone who identifies as transgender, you may have concerns about the president’s recent statements about transgendered people in the military and how they might affect other aspects of your life. Discrimination of transgender people in the workplace is a very real problem across the United States, and the lack of a clear federal ruling on the matter tends to further complicate matters.

Workplace discrimination victims in Missouri to face new hurdles

Missourians who are let go from their jobs for what they believe are discriminatory reasons may soon face additional hurdles, now that the governor has signed legislation that limits their options as far as legal recourse. According to St. Louis Public Radio, the controversial bills is to take effect Aug. 28, 2017, which has the leader of the Missouri NAACP encouraging those who are victims of discrimination to file suit before it does.

How Missouri protects victims of age discrimination

As someone between the ages of 40 and 70 who makes a living in Missouri, you have certain protections at the state level that exist in addition to federal protections such as the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. At Hollingshead & Dudley Trial Lawyers, we have a comprehensive understanding of the Missouri Human Rights Act and how it protects workers like you, and we have considerable experience representing clients who are victims of age discrimination in the workplace.

Discrimination protections for pregnant women in the workplace

As an expectant Missouri mother and a member of the workforce, you have certain rights, and one of them includes the right to a workplace free from discrimination relating to your condition. At Hollingshead & Dudley Trial Lawyers, we have a firm understanding of what constitutes pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, and we have advocated on behalf of many clients who have experienced this type of unlawful discrimination on the job.

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