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What are some facts about sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is something employers in Missouri try to avoid dealing with. There are plenty of resources to help employers teach employees about this issue and help them to avoid it. However, despite the vigilance of employers to educate, many people are still confused or unsure of what it is exactly. If you are not clear on what constitutes harassment of a sexual nature, then it may help to learn some facts.

What are my rights for work breaks?

While many workers feel that they should be entitled to a break for lunch or a rest from work, the truth is that those short periods of time off are governed by state laws. Not all managers and supervisors are clear about these policies and you may be wondering whether your employer's decisions are in line with those required by the government. We at Hollingshead and Dudley Trial Lawyers have detailed what the state of Missouri says about this topic so you can be sure that you are being given honest and fair treatment at work.

How do I file an employee discrimination claim?

Most Missouri employees will experience some kind of discrimination on the job. This discrimination may or may not affect their career path or their emotional health, but -- in certain instances -- it can negatively affect a career and the psychological well-being of an employee.

Avoiding employment discrimination during pregnancy

Pregnant women in Missouri may face issues in the workplace due to their pregnant status. This is not okay and is against the law. Employers cannot discriminate against a person simply because of their health status. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission explains the law protects women in any stage of pregnancy and includes discrimination for anything relating to pregnancy, such as postpartum recuperation or pregnancy complications.

Do discrimination laws protect transgender employees?

If you are a Missouri resident and someone who identifies as transgender, you may have concerns about the president’s recent statements about transgendered people in the military and how they might affect other aspects of your life. Discrimination of transgender people in the workplace is a very real problem across the United States, and the lack of a clear federal ruling on the matter tends to further complicate matters.

How do I know if I have been wrongfully terminated?

If you were recently let go from your job in Missouri, you might be wondering if your firing was illegal. You are not alone. According to the, employers in the United States wrongfully fire 150,000 workers each year. If your employer terminates you for an illegal reason, they may have violated your rights, giving you cause to seek to file a claim. 

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