Get the most out of your severance agreement

The job market in many sectors is vicious, so it is difficult for many employees to envision a silver lining to having their employee terminate them. However, in some cases, an employment contract may entail a severance package in the event of termination, which can take the edge off of losing your position.

It is important to examine any severance offer very closely to ensure that you receive the best terms you can. It may never occur to some employees that a severance package is negotiable, but it often is. Still, it is rarely wise to negotiate the terms of your severance package by yourself.

Besides potentially missing key benefits an experienced employment attorney can identify, you may actually worsen the deal by negotiating against your own interests accidentally.

If you truly want to make the most of a severance opportunity, it is wise to consider consulting with an attorney who understands the minutia of employment contracts and can help guide you to a strong settlement as you venture into the next season of life.

Severance is an opportunity, not a consolation prize

When you receive a severance offer, the temptation to take the money and run can feel overwhelming, depending on your circumstances. However, it is always wise to consider why your employer offered you a severance package in the first place.

Unlike many other aspects of employment and wages, there are no federal laws that dictate an employer must offer employees severance packages, and in Missouri, employers only have to notify employees of mass layoffs in certain circumstances.

Regardless of what the reasons are, your employer offered you severance for a reason. Perhaps your employment contract required a severance, in which case the severance may itself have stipulations you can examine.

Similarly, employees who file complaints of discrimination against their employer may receive a severance offer in an attempt to buy their silence or absence, or both.

Whatever the motivations for your employer to offer you severance, an experienced attorney can help you explore all your options.

In many cases, the mere addition of an attorney to the situation motivates employers to improve the offer, especially if they fear not doing so could cost them significantly.

Get the help you deserve before you accept an offer

No matter why you received a severance offer, you should carefully consider every aspect of it before signing on the dotted line.

In some cases, especially those involving a potential wrongful termination, you may fare better to refuse the severance altogether and pursue other legal actions.

If you are ready to explore all of your options for fair compensation, do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced attorney who can help guide you through this important chapter of life and build a strong strategy for entering the next.

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