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Legal definitions for a hostile work environment

If you are like many members of the Missouri workforce, you may show up to your job each day expecting less than favorable treatment from your boss, another superior or a colleague. In some cases, putting up with such situations is something you just have to deal with, but in others, such as when discriminatory actions make it virtually impossible for you to do your job, you may have legal recourse. At Hollingshead & Dudley Trial Lawyers, we have a firm understanding of what legally constitutes a hostile work environment, and we have assisted many employees who were struggling to stay productive in the workplace because of related issues.

Get the most out of your severance agreement

The job market in many sectors is vicious, so it is difficult for many employees to envision a silver lining to having their employee terminate them. However, in some cases, an employment contract may entail a severance package in the event of termination, which can take the edge off of losing your position.

Employers may not retaliate against you for taking these actions

When you show up to work in Missouri, you have certain protected rights, and your employer may not treat you in an unfavorable manner, should you make the decision to exercise them. At Hollingshead & Dudley Trial Lawyers, we have a firm understanding of what these rights are, and we have helped numerous clients who were victims of retaliation in the workplace because they chose to assert them.

How Missouri protects victims of age discrimination

As someone between the ages of 40 and 70 who makes a living in Missouri, you have certain protections at the state level that exist in addition to federal protections such as the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. At Hollingshead & Dudley Trial Lawyers, we have a comprehensive understanding of the Missouri Human Rights Act and how it protects workers like you, and we have considerable experience representing clients who are victims of age discrimination in the workplace.

What should you do if you are sexually harassed at work?

It's a scenario no one wants to imagine, let alone have to deal with in their lifetime, but sexual harassment in the workplace is a very real issue that many employees across Missouri face. If you have been sexually harassed at work, you may be wondering what you can do next.

Discrimination protections for pregnant women in the workplace

As an expectant Missouri mother and a member of the workforce, you have certain rights, and one of them includes the right to a workplace free from discrimination relating to your condition. At Hollingshead & Dudley Trial Lawyers, we have a firm understanding of what constitutes pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, and we have advocated on behalf of many clients who have experienced this type of unlawful discrimination on the job.

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