Class Actions Involving Wage And Hour Disputes

At the Missouri law firm of Hollingshead & Dudley, we have resolved numerous class actions, where large groups of employees all have the same wage or hour dispute with a certain employer. If Walmart fails to pay its workers minimum wage, for example, our attorneys can step in and represent all the employees who have received less money than they deserve.

Are You Wrongly Called An Independent Contractor?

Many of the class actions we handle involve the misclassification of employees. Some companies call their employees "independent contractors" so they don't have to pay them minimum wage.

In reality, a worker's classification is based on the degree of control that the company exercises over his or her activity. If the company is telling you when to show up, what to wear, how to answer the phone, which equipment to use, etc., you are likely an employee. However, if the company simply hired you to perform certain tasks (such as maintaining the landscaping around the building), but it doesn't specify how you do it or provide the supplies, you may actually be an independent contractor.

Did Your Employer Say You Aren't Entitled To Overtime Pay Because You Are Salaried?

At Hollingshead & Dudley, this is the most common misconception we hear from workers. Most people incorrectly believe that, if they are a "salaried" employee, then they aren't entitled to overtime compensation. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Although there are many exceptions to federal and state overtimes rules, the vast majority of workers are entitled to overtime pay. If you are consistently working more than 40 hours a week at your job, don't assume you aren't entitled to overtime. Contact our office immediately for an contact us today to determine if your employer should be paying you overtime.

Are You Called A Manager But You Don't Manage Anything?

Many overtime disputes arise when companies misclassify employees as exempt instead of nonexempt. Such companies try to save money by declaring that all their employees are salaried — and therefore they don't have to pay the employees overtime.

It's not really that simple. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, there are very specific requirements that must be met in order for an employee to truly qualify as exempt and salaried. The vast majority of employees don't meet these requirements. They deserve hourly wages and overtime pay.

For instance, the law says that managers must have significant influence in hiring and firing decisions. If you are called a manager but no one ever consults you about anything, you may be misclassified. You may actually deserve overtime pay for all the extra hours you work per week.

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