If Your Unemployment Claim Was Denied, Turn To Us

If you were denied unemployment compensation, call the attorneys who have won numerous awards for their legal skill and ability.

Hollingshead & Dudley is Missouri's largest employee rights firm. We have reached the pinnacle of success in many unemployment hearings and other employment law matters across the state. Among other accolades, our lawyers have made The National Trial Lawyers' "Top 100" list and been named some of the most "Outstanding Young Lawyers in Missouri & Kansas," by KC Magazine. You can trust that your unemployment hearing will be handled with the utmost skill.

Do You Qualify For Unemployment Compensation?

Most Missouri employees qualify for unemployment compensation after they lose their jobs. To not qualify, you have to be terminated "for cause" for misconduct related to your employment. Your employer generally must also have a policy in place that prohibits the particular type of misconduct. For instance, if your employer has a policy against theft, and you are fired for stealing merchandise from the store room, you would not be eligible for unemployment compensation.

If your employer doesn't have such a policy, it is unclear on whether you would be entitled to compensation. Regardless, don't guess on whether you were terminated for work-related misconduct. Contact our skilled attorneys for an contact us today to have a candid and confidential conversation regarding your chances of succeeding on appeal.

Why It Pays To Have An Attorney On Your Side

If you engage the help of a lawyer, you have a much better chance of winning your unemployment case. Our employee rights attorneys are skilled in all the nuances of the law. We understand all the intricate details of unemployment claims, we are familiar with the local courts, and we are experienced at upholding our clients' rights and interests at the hearings. If you try to represent yourself, your odds of success are much lower.

Remember that you will be going up against government officials who handle these matters day in and day out. There is very little chance that you can pinpoint their potential errors or overcome an incorrect decision. You need someone on your side who is equally knowledgeable about the law. You need an attorney who will vigorously fight for justice on your behalf.

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