Negotiating Favorable Severance Agreements

If you were terminated from your job, your company may have offered you a severance agreement. If so, you have a certain amount of time to review it before you make a decision about whether or not to accept it. During this review period, it's wise to consult an attorney who has particular experience in employment law.

Turn to the lawyers of Hollingshead & Dudley in St. Louis and Kansas City. With extensive experience in Missouri employment law cases, we are ideally equipped to review all kinds of severance agreements and offer knowledgeable advice. We also review employment contracts, employee compensation, and non-compete and confidentiality agreements to ensure our clients' interests are protected.

While each severance negotiation is different, our attorneys have frequently been able to increase our clients' monetary compensation, extend benefits such as health insurance for a longer period of time, vest stock, and/or negotiate reductions or the elimination of non-compete provisions.

We Explore Every Possibility For Maximizing Your Compensation

When you retain us, you can count on us to explore every option for maximizing your compensation and protecting your rights. Depending on your particular situation, we may be able to contact your company and obtain a much better deal for you. For instance, if we review your case and determine that there is a potential basis for a wrongful termination claim against your company, it gives us considerable leverage.

Even if you were not a victim of wrongful termination, you can rely on our lawyers to be savvy negotiators on your behalf. We may possibly be able to obtain a much better severance package for you. This may involve a large lump-sum payment, continued health insurance benefits, pension vesting or other significant perks.

Don't Try To Negotiate With Your Company On Your Own

It's unlikely that your company will worry about you suing them if you don't have a lawyer. This means that, on your own, you have very little leverage for negotiating a better severance agreement. Our law firm, however, has handled countless severance agreement cases and achieved impressive results. Let us be the strong advocate you need.

Call Hollingshead & Dudley at 314-474-7798 or contact us by email to arrange a consultation about your needs today. We charge a straightforward hourly rate for our document review services.

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